I just discovered the quirky hobby of Letterboxing.

Basically letterboxers conceal weatherproof containers with a stamp and a journal book in the landscape and then publish clues about where to find them on the web. Other letterboxers seek out the boxes, stamp their personal journal with the boxes stamp, and imprint the boxes journal with their own stamp.

It's no suprise this hobby was imported from Britain, the nation that brought us Transpotting and Sherlock Holmes. And yet while I find it kind of eccentric I am drawn to it like a bug to the light. It contains all the elements of my nerDNA:
Plus it's good clean family fun and Vivi is into it.


Vivi on her first Letterbox outing.

Vivi on the hunt for "Birthday Kids"

On our first  Letterbox outing  we went in pursuit of  four Letterboxes, all in nearby  Rock Creek Park.  We had a quick success with our first target "Birthday Kids." Unfortunately we struck out on the other three. A good time was had on the walk nontheless.

paulbailey's Letterbox 1 photoset paulbailey's Letterbox 1 photoset