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I just stumbled across this Bookclub photo gallery I had created two years ago but never published.

There's usually always some recent photos of Vivi on our flickr page

Vivi's World

This is basically the section of the site where I, as a parent, blather on about how my kid is the coolest in the world, what an amazing experience it is to watch them grow and how it's changing my life, bringing me enlightenment, etc. I know.. there's a million pages like this on the web. But this one is different. Really..

Because Vivi really does ROCK! Blah ha ha ha!!!!

Kung Fu

Vivi has been taking Kung Fu in her after-school program at Yu Ying. Recently she and her classmates gave a demonstration at the Chinatown Cultural Center during Lunar New Year festivities.

Here she is demonstarting her amazing flexibility while leading the group. Unfortunately I was not rolling tape when she let loos with the first kick - it always makes all the adults in the audience gasp. :-)

Sifu Wong directs the class through their form. Vivi is at left; her classmate Kasai in the foreground at right is a very focused young martial artist.

Here Vivi does a drill with Sifu Wong at a school assembly in December.

Art de la Viv

Vivi really loves Art. This is due in no small part to the efforts of her mom, who enrolled her in the Urban Childrens Studio when she was not yet 3, and has contiued to nurture her creativity.

Here's her three year-old self-portrait..


By the way, Paula Zimmerman of UCS is an amazing teacher.

Vivienne's Lifebook.

Here's a link to the online version of Vivi's Lifebook. A lifebook is an adopted child's own life story written especially for them. Carmen gave me the mission of creating one for Vivi. I originally posted it for the benefit of some friends in our adoption cohort who've asked for tips on the topic. I created this with Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 3.0, which Carmen acquired when she assigned me the mission. If I had it to do over again I might have just built the document with Word or Open Office, but it provided templates and graphics, and gave me a framework to work in. It also provided the Publish to HTML feature I used here, as well as the ability to publish PDFs. Here's the PDF version of the lifebook. These are fairly massive PDF files (they're about 6 MB each):